Lead Generation

We help you create a solid lead generation strategy that builds trust and capture the interest of your buyers before they are even ready to contact sales.

The prime motive of a lead generation company is to create & nurture the interest of a prospective customer towards its product/service. At ProtechMutants® we have the experienced and well-equipped manpower and technology to cater your organizational demands.

Irrespective of the nature of your business, to capture the demand, to be available at the right time at the right spot for your potential client, you have to be ahead of the competitive curve.

ProtechMutants® has carefully crafted a pin-pointed approach to streamline all our efforts to bring the best for you. To get a brief understanding of how the process works here are the major steps that we follow

Inbound Lead Generation - When customer most likely to search for your product/service online or might ask for recommendations for the same, we follow the inbound method of lead generation services. Comprised of Organic search, Content branding, Referral, Contact forms, Mouth-to-mouth branding, Paid advertisements et cetera.

Outbound Lead Generation - When you are directly approaching to en masse or when the customer is not ready to buy your product/service and we have to nurture his interest, we follow the inbound method of lead generation services. Comprised of Bulk SMS/E-mails, Cold calling, Trade show, Bric & mortar advertising etc.


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