UI/UX Design

User experience is to enable your customers to use and feel whatever you are offering to them through your web page/app/software.

User Interface(UI) & User Experience(UX) are the initial yet most crucial touchpoints of the customer lifecycle. Both UI and UX are IT terms and interconnected.

User experience is to enable your customer to use and feel whatever you (the business) are offering to them in a delightful manner. While the User interface is to design and develop the website, app or other technical gateway is a way where the client can experience your offerings in a smooth way.

Let us put it in this way, suppose you are a manufacturer of commercial UAV/drone. For a better UI/UX point of view, you need to develop a simulator that can work on your website/app so the client can virtually experience the flying experience and understand the control manual. This way you can simply beat the competitor and one step closer to get your client onboard.

  • Web Page - Web page/Website is like your digital address without it your prospect is unable to find and reach you. So the first is to set-up your web and effectively operate it. You have to ensure a lot of technicalities like domain name, server, security, maintenance hence its advisable to join hands with Website designing company like ProtechMutants® to hasslefree transition.
  • Landing Page - Then another important component of UI is landing page. To design actionable page so that when a visitor sees it they are most likely to click on it and redirected to fulfil a task like a request a demo/callback/feedback/ email registration. The more actionable landing pages the more conversion rate your web page will get.
  • App Design - Nowadays people tend to use apps more than accessing the website. It is million-dollar advice to have your app handy for the customer.
  • Game Interface - For the gaming industry players, your interface has to be aligned to your latest offerings and designed in such a way where customer can actually sense what they going to buy from you. It is as simple as that.

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